Seacom B.Ed. College

Jaladhulagori, Andul-Mouri, Sankrail, Howrah – 711 302, West Bengal, India

Area Statement

Infrastructure Details


  1. Land Deed
    Deed No. 3908
    Volume No. I
    Book No. I
    Pages 1 to 10
  2. Date of Registration: 14.10.2014

Area Details (Carpet Area)

Sl. Description Location Area Unit
3 Total Built-up area of the Building 43314 sq.m.
4 Instructional Area 1558.9 sq.m.
A. Class Room
a) Class 1 4th Fl 52 sq.m.
b) Class 2 4th Fl 52 sq.m.
c) class 3 4th Fl 52 sq.m.
4th Fl 52 sq.m.
4th Fl 52 sq.m.
3rd Fl 105.6 sq.m.
1st Fl 105.6 sq.m.
B. Laboratories
a) Computer Lab Gr. Fl. 105.6 sq.m.
b) Language Lab 1st fl. 105.6 sq.m.
c) Biology Lab 3rd Fl 105.6 sq.m.
d) Mathematics Lab 3rd Fl 52 sq.m.
e) Geography Lab 3rd Fl 105.6 sq.m.
f) Helath & Physical Edu. Resource Centre Gr. Fl. 52 sq.m.
g) Psychology Resource Centre Gr. Fl. 52 sq.m.
j) ICT Resource Centre 3rd Fl 28.5 sq.m.
k) Art & Craft Resource Centre Gr. Fl. 52 sq.m.
Lease Deed 1st F. 105.6 sq.m.
D. Seminar Hall 1st fl. 105.6 sq.m.
E. Multipurpose Hall 2nd Fl. 217.6 sq.m.
5 Administrative Area 298.51 sq.m.
a) Principal's Room 2nd Fl. 14.54 sq.m.
b) P.A. to Principal 2nd Fl. 18.67 sq.m.
c) Faculty Room 1 Gr. Fl. 52 sq.m.
d) Faculty Room 2 3rd Fl 14.54 sq.m.
e) Office 1 Gr. Fl. 14.54 sq.m.
f) Office2 1st Fl. 14.54 sq.m.
g) Office 3 1st Fl. 14.54 sq.m.
h) Store 2nd Fl. 35 sq.m.
i) Sports Store 3rd Fl 14.54 sq.m.
j) Conference Hall 105.6 sq.m.
6 Other Area 313.1 sq.m.
a) Boys' Common Room Gr. Fl. 52 sq.m.
b) Girls' Common Room Gr. Fl. 105.6 sq.m.
c) Visitors 1st Fl. 18.67 sq.m.
d) Cafeteria 3rd Fl 204 sq.m.
e) Toilets G.+1st+2nd+3rd Fl 225 sq.m.